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By- Rev. Dr. Charles E. Sanders, Jr.

I believe in the one true God, and I know He always has been there, always will be, and sees all of our needs and wants. God created man in His likeness and woman from man. This was the advent of Holy Matrimony. God wanted man's obedience through love, so He gave us free will, or freedom of choice.

How beautiful life would have been, walking with God in the cool evening and talking to Him daily in the garden. Man was unaware of good and evil. Man became greedy and wanted to be like God, so he was disobedient to God's will, and was cast from the garden, and was now forced to labor for subsistence. The world became populated through the offspring of generations after generations. The world became corrupt and God grieved by the evil of man's heart. God found favor in one man, and his name was Noah. God told Noah to build an ark, and then, God told Noah to take his family, their spouses, and two of each animal and put them onboard the ark. This is when God destroyed the earth by water. After the flood, the children of Noah flourished and multiplied. Once again man became greedy and wanted to be like God, so they built a great city and started building a great tower to reach the Heavens. God came down and saw the tower, so he mixed all of the languages and spread man throughout the earth.

God chose the Jews to be His people, the chosen ones. The Jewish people became wicked and they turned away from God. Their hearts had grown hard, so God let them be taken captive. Again God gave His people a chance and set them free from the Egyptians, and again man's evil ways appeared, and they ended up wandering in the desert for forty years. Of the twelve tribes of Abraham, the Levites would be the Priests, and the levitical law would be put in place. But man could not live by the law. To cover for man's sins, sacrificial animals were used to cover up the sin.

I believe God's plan was to ultimately bring man back to the Garden of Eden after atonement for man's transgressions. God established the Judges, and Samson failed and caused his people to get slaughtered when he was deceived by Delilah, who was working with the Philistines. Then came the Kings, and David. David was a mighty ruler, warrior, and man of God. But he too failed when he took Bathsheba and sent her husband Uriar the Hittite off to die in combat. He failed, so he was not even allowed to build the Temple. It was his son Solomon who was given the commission.

Finally, God, in His wisdom knew the only way to atone for the sins of man, was to come down Himself in the form of man and to offer Himself as a sacrifice, the perfect sacrificial lamb without blemish. God knew man could not live by the law, as man proved it several times over. The prophecy was set and then came the new covenant, the fulfillment of the prophecy, that of Jesus Christ, the incarnate Word, the second member of the Trinity.

We are set free by the blood of Christ. Our sins are washed away as white as snow. He suffered that we may be saved by grace and not by the law. We only need to accept Him as our Savior, to acknowledge He came and paid the price for out sins. We only need to ask forgiveness of our sins and acknowledge we are sinners. Then we live our lives striving to emulate Jesus Christ, our Savior. I believe the gifts of the Spirit are still alive and well. We may not see a lot, but maybe it is because we are closed to the works of the Spirit.

In summation, I believe mankind went through all of this to reach the fulfillment of the prophecy in Revelation 21, which is a return to Chapter 2 of Genesis.